Now Open, ‘New Luxury Thai Massage and Spa in Bangor’ . Which offer suit you, check it out.

Date April 22, 2016 — Expires
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Hello lady and gentleman,
We are delighted to introduce you to the new Luxury Thai massage and Spa ‘Jasmine’, now open in Bangor at high street. We are specialist in deep tissue Thai massage technique and combine with western technique together and also practicing Aromatherapy & Herbalist Remedies , Foot massage and Reflexology, at the Spa servicing with Sea salt & Sugar Body scrub, Facial lift massage, Bath Salt & Herbal Bath etc.

And as a royalty client, we are also offering after 5 sessions with us, get 50% off next session.

New OFFER >>>>> Now ON<<<<<<

************Book in ‘Now’ *****************
*********Get 20% Discount Card************
*********Can be used up to 9 times ***********
***New Customers Get Free 20 mins extra***

********Regular Customers instant access for discount when the time that book in********
*****************Claim yours prize till the ‘End of March Only*****************************

***********************Second offer**************************
=============To whom was born on this month============

=================From 1st-31st of March=================

=============Claim your prize of 30% discount=============
** Prove needed**

More detail please contact us on:
Telephone – 028-91225775
Facebook – Jasmine ThaiMassage&Spa


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