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Hi, my name is Stef, I have been a Fitness & Wellness Coach spanning over 5 years.

Fitness is my Platform, my Soap Box if you will! We have a real problem with obesity in our country and I plan on helping anyone and everyone on their journey to a healthier, happier you, no matter what your fitness level! Whether you are just starting your transformation and need that extra push or you’re well on your way but struggling with keeping things refreshing and exciting!

My enthusiasm for fitness and quality of life has brought me to where I am today. My intention is to help you, as I have helped many others, on to the course of your own, physical and mental success. No nonsense, no gimmicks, just hard work.

My aim is simple, to give you, my client, what you want from each and every session. I wish to share with you my wealth of knowledge so that you can continue on the path of wellbeing and longevity long after our time together is over.

I believe in the link between the body and mind; I wish to create a work ethic within my sessions that can be seen as an escape from the mental, and often monotonous, strains that every day life, including work can put on us.

My passion lies within movement itself; mastering and conquering any given physical obstacle that my body can withstand. I feel this helps build strength, confidence, self discipline, self defense, and even the odd party trick thrown in for good measure.

My background in fitness spans over many different sports, many of which I’m happy to incorporate in to our sessions. My sessions can comprise of many techniques, including:
*Muay Thai (Thai boxing)
*Bodyweight Training/Calisthenics
*Kettlebell & Weight Training
*Strength & Conditioning
* Fat Loss and Body Sculpting
* HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
*Functional Training (for specific sports if necessary)
*Rock Climbing

I pride myself in weight loss and strength & conditioning. As I have been a competing athlete in the past, I am more than accustomed to the rigid training regime and the dedication that is required to get your body in to its physical prime.

I have my own Private Gym Studio, moments from the City Centre and I have access to a gym space in Stockport (opposite the big Tesco)

Free consultation available on request along with Lifestyle Assessment.

Please contact me for further information on prices and discounts on block bookings.Contact – 07501727244



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