I did not receive an email

If you have submitted an ad or asked for a password change and have not received an email, please check your  ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder.

How do I upload a video?

Show off your business talents by uploading a video for all potential customers to see! Loading a video could not be easier, see the instructions below:

Fill in your discount/ad details and add the picture you want displayed on the coupon, by selecting ‘upload’.

Next to insert your video into your ad, select ‘add media’ and either insert your video file or copy the full URL of the video and paste it.

You can add text before or after the video.

Share your coupon and your video can be played within your ad!

How do I place an advert?

Placing an ad could not be easier once you have created a account.

Once you have created an account, click on ‘Place an ad’.

Choose is your ad is a ‘Discount’ or a ‘Skill Swap’ and put in a brief description of your discount eg ‘10% off of your first appointment’ or your skill swap ie ‘Singing lessons for make-up lessons’.

You can add a website link if you have a website. Enter an expiration date for you discount if you have one and any tags (keywords). However none of these fields are mandatory.

Select to upload an image and select your chosen file. Choose ‘insert into post’ to have this appear on your ad. Your image will automatically be saved in your media library. Your ad will automatically be re-sized.

If you want to add a video click on ‘Insert Media’ and either add the video file or copy and paste the full video url.

You can add any other media, ie more pictures or videos, just click the ‘Insert Media’ button.

Add your company/discount description Click – ‘Share it’ and your ad will be submitted.

Your ad will be posted within 24 hours once it has been approved by our team, you will receive an email to confirm this.

How much does it cost to Advertise?

Mojoodeals is currently a free advertising service.

I have not got any special offers

If you do not have any current special offers running for your service, then create one!

Offering potential customers a one off or bundle of special offers will ensure you have an edge over your rivals as everyone is looking for a deal. Some suggestions would be offering first time customers a 10 – 20% discount on services, offering a saving /special price for bundle packages or special prices and discounts on hourly rates. If a customer feels they are getting a ‘deal’ you will have that competitive edge.

This is not often something that a small businessman will offer but would make a big impact on customers trying your service and for your repeat business.

Adding a special offer for a small investment will be for the long term gain of your business. No business is too small, it is part of the way to create awareness for new customers

How do I upload my pictures?

When placing an ad you will see the option to ‘Upload’.

Click ‘Upload’ and this will take you to where you can choose to upload your image.

Click ‘Insert into Post’ and your picture will be displayed.

What is Skill Swap?

We have recently launched a new part of our website ‘Skill Swap’. We want to concentrate our efforts on the so-called ‘sharing economy’, with the ‘Skill Swap’ addition to our site. People listing ads offer their skills/service in exchange for another skill/service without any cash changing hands. Ie a hairdresser may offer x4 mens haircuts costing a total of £100 in exchange for 3 hours service from a handyman.

Just think, we all have a skill and we are all looking to save money, so share a skill/service, in return for another skill/service and do not spend a penny!

Just be sure when posting your ad to list this is in the ‘Skill Swap’ category and be very clear about you are offering and what you want in return. Remember to put your location into the ad.

Happy Sharing!

Tips for Advertisers

When advertising discounts, your aim is to create awareness and attract new customers to your business. The first step to attracting new customers is to get them to try your service once, which will result in repeat business, so ensure that you are offering a good deal to tempt them to try!

Customers like to see what they will get, so upload good quality pictures and video’s to showcase your services. You can add up to 3 pictures as well as a video.

Ensure you put the full URL when placing the link into the ad, including http:// or the link will not work correctly.

Add tags (keywords) to help customers find your ad easily, including your location. Customers can search the site using keywords and location can help them find the services they require in their local area.

Put in a good description, but keep it personable and concise. Potential customers do not want read mounds of text to get the information they need, they just want good quality information about your business/service.

When advertising a Skill Swap ensure you are clear about what service you are offering and what service you are looking for in return. Remember to add in your location and list your ad under the ‘Skill Swap’ category.

Tips for Customers looking for deals

We are all trying to save money and find a good deal without losing the quality of service. At Mojoodeals, we list those businesses who are offering discounts & special offers without comprising the quality of service so we have done the bargaining for you!

All discounts are genuine and offered by the seller, to redeem the discount/special offer just read the information that is contained within the ad and contact the seller direct.

On our site you will find discounts on all types of services to help you save money, from hairdressers, to plumbers, to cleaners, music lessons, wedding photography, discounted tickets and much more!

Our homepage lists the ‘Featured Deals’ and ‘Latest Deals’, so make sure that you also browse through the categories to find the service you are looking for, as there are many more deals listed other than what you see on the homepage. Please note to use the arrow located on the top right hand side of the Featured Ads to navigate across the page.

You can also type keywords in the search box, including your location to provide you with the most relevant ads.

If you click on the ‘Coupon/Discount’ within the ad this will direct you to the sellers website, if they have one.

How do I get back to the home page?

To get back to the home page for ‘Featured’ and ‘Latest’ Deals, click on the logo on the top left of the menu bar.

How do I Redeem a Discount

Just check the details in the ad and call or email the seller to get your discount.


What is Mojoodeals?

Mojoodeals is a Money Saving website designed to help small/medium business to showcase their Special Offers and Discounts and to give consumers a wide range of discounted services to choose from in their local area.

The discounts listed on our site range from plumbers, electricians, builders, to hairdressers, home removals, photographers, marketing services, website designers and much, much more!

One more thing, advertising on Mojoodeals is FREE so register today, add your discount or special offer and start building that awareness for your business!

Please note that although the adds are referred to as ‘Coupons’ this is just terminology, no physical coupons are needed to place an ad or to redeem an ad.

Do I need to register with the site to place my ad/discount

To register takes less than 1 min and we will not be sending your email address on anywhere, or bombarding you with any junkmail.

The advantage of registering is that all of your company information is saved in our system so that when you come back to the update or place another discount ad, it saves you a lot of time. You can also save any pictures or videos into your account to use at a later date.

All we need is your name and email address.

How do I get my ad listed on the home page for Featured Ads?

We will pick the best deals of the week and place them on our homepage under the Featured Ads section.  So make sure you offer a great discount on your service to guarantee that your ad gets seen first!

Occasionally we will run promotions which  run through Twitter giving you a chance to be on our Featured Ads/Homepage.