No Business is too Small for the Power of Promotion through Special Offers & Discounts

The government are currently looking at supporting small businesses through various initiatives and reduced red tape and the handyman_icolaunch of Small Business Saturday UK in 2013, highlights how important the success of small businesses are for the economic growth in the UK. The idea of Small Business Saturdays is a great support for small businesses, but what about the small business person whose businesses is less visible through their shop front exterior.

There are many struggling tradesman such as handy men, electricians, self-employed tutors, hairdressers etc. who also need help with building the success of their business/service and this is what want to help support.

northampton-student-discount-hairdressersMost one man band businesses ie; electricians; hairdressers; plumbers, may only think short term about the value added by offering potential clients discounts. They rely on new business opportunities by either paying to advertise on one of the many classified ad websites or in community publications where they are competing amongst many others offering the same service. These small business owners are limited as to where they can make their service stand out.

Mojoodeals have come up with the concept of helping these small businesses by encouraging the small business owner to promote their business and attract new customers by offering them special offers and discounts. Many small business owners may think that they cannot afford to offer discounts but they need to understand the long term benefits of this way of thinking and to capitalise on this current consumer shopping trend.

The current trend in discounted vouchers, coupons and special offers have flooded the market and these offers can predominantly be found online. However, whilst this trend has been great for the larger chains and corporations there are currently very limited online communities where the small business person can capitalise and build their business via this trend. Mojoodeals want to make the small business owner see the importance of today’s online discount market and have done this by creating a website where small business owners offering services can take advantage of this and advertise their special offers to help grow their business.

The difference with Mojoodeals is that the website is exclusively for small businesses.
“We are very excited about the opportunity that this website will provide to both the small business owner and the customer. The purpose of the website is to enable consumers to find services and tradespeople in their local area who are offering discounts / special offers and to give small businesses awareness to new customers through promotion under one roof. We want to create a community which in this current financial climate will benefit both the consumer and the small business/tradesman and to advertise with us is FREE! The UKs economic growth is built on services, there are very limited manufacturers now based in the UK so the growth of small businesses needs to be supported and their success is vital to the economic growth in the UK”


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