Not Swap Shop, Skill Swap!
Mojoodeals joins the Sharing Economy

It started one day when I realised I needed odd jobs done around the house, shelves put up, and other general DYI jobs, myself and my partner have no DIY skills between us what-so-ever! I looked for a handyman on our site and found one, offering a great price. Whilst he was working we got talking and I told him that I had a history of design work. He said he needed a logo for his business cards and his website and asked if I could help. It was then that we decided to swap skills! I did his logo design he did my DIY and neither of us spent a penny! This was such a great swap that I thought that other people could do the same. Everyone has a skill so why not use them to the utmost advantage.

Skills can be anything from your profession, such as photographer, hairdresser or builder to setting up Excel spreadsheets. This helps us meet each other’s needs without spending any money.
The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption is set to be one of 2015’s global trends and it is forecast to be worth £9bn in the UK by 2025. There are already 113 million sharers in the US, UK and Canada alone, accounting for 40% of the adult population.

Mojoodeals is championing a desire for bringing together people and providing their users with a cashless form of working together to provide important services. This online platform accessed via brings together a community of sharers and enables people to share their skills in return for another skill. People can trade skills with each other with no money changing hands.

I truly think that this is way forward and helps build an online community spirit which is lacking in this current generation. So please help us build our sharing community! For more information, visit

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