With pension pots shrinking many retired people are starting their own small businesses. Meet the entrepreneurial Grandma from West Drayton who started a discount website

MumMaureen Marrey, 67 was sick of seeing Special Offer and Discount websites only tailored to larger corporations when all she wanted was to find a local electrician, gardener or plumber offering special offers and discounted rates. After losing her husband to Cancer in 2012 who was an electrician she did not have a man around the house to help with these tasks and living on her own, on a pension she wanted to find local services at a discounted rate.

She was surprised to find that amongst the many discounted websites that none catered specifically for discounted / Special Offers for small local businesses all under one roof. “Websites like Groupon and Wowcher are great, but all I wanted was everyday local services where I could save money” Maureen who is now retired, previously ran her own playgroup and then became a registered child minder so her natural Entreprenual streak kicked in.

With spare time on her hands Maureen spoke to her daughter Nina and son-in law John about her idea and together they created Mojoodeals.co.uk, a website promoting Discounts and Special Offers for Local Small/Medium Businesses and Tradesman.

Mojoodeals which was launched in January is now providing consumers with a wide choice of services including electricians, cleaners, beauty salons, personal trainers etc, all advertising their special offers and discounts. Mojoodeals is also helping smaller businesses and tradesman giving them a forum to advertise and generate new business through the power of discounts. Maureen says ‘Unlike other classified ad websites, you can only advertise if you have a discount or offer so consumers know that when they visit Mojoodeals that a discount is 100% guaranteed! For the small businesses who advertise with us, this offers them the opportunity of generating new business and awareness through the current discount trend’.
As the website grows and develops Maureen wants to look at opportunities where Mojoodeals can help Cancer Research and McMillan Nurses and she is looking at a way of adding a feature to the site within the next six months.

To all of the older generation who think they are passed it Maureen says ‘Life has been very difficult for me after the death of my beloved husband of 20 years but I knew that I needed to find a purpose, something which would keep my mind active and make a difference to other people’s lives. Most people in their 60s who have retired can expect to live another 20 or even 30 years and it is a whole new life when you’re no longer chained to a job and have no responsibilities. This time of our lives should be looked at in a more positive way and should be a time for new adventures . Many older people want to continue to be useful and make a difference in the world. Those of us who have retired have already made whatever difference we’re going to make in our professional lives and now face the challenge of making a difference outside of work , to family, the community or in developing our own skills. So, whatever you do, give yourself a reason to get yourself out of bed in the morning!’


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